Monday, June 2, 2008

Business Opportunities in India: 5 Key Sectors .

It’s official! India is happening. With an economy growing at the rate of 9 per cent, business opportunities in India are increasing more than ever before. So much, so that Investors around the world are making a beeline for doing business in India. The FDI Confidence Index 2007 by A T Kearney shows India as second most attractive destinations for foreign direct investment.

Obviously, opening up of the market in the beginning of the nineties is paying dividends. Higher income generated at the bottom of the pyramid has fuelled the high octane growth of business opportunities in India across all sectors.

Lion’s share of the business opportunities in India exists in the knowledge intensive industries like, Information Technology. Its enormous talent pool available at a reasonably low cost helps India to edge out the competition. According to a NASSCOM-Deloitte study, this sector has contributed 5.2 per cent of India’s GDP in 2007.

Some other sectors that offer maximum business opportunities in India are:

Telecom: Five leading telecom companies in the world have already invested large amounts to cash in the business opportunities in India’s telecom market. The sheer population of India reflects the growth potential of the segment.

Oil and Gas: With a 25-50 per cent lower capital cost alongside the strategic location on the route of Middle East crude for East Asian and Pacific-rim markets India is fast emerging as the global hub for oil refining.

Infrastructure: Growing at a rate of 8.6 per cent (2006-7), this segment offers tremendous business opportunities in India.

Retail: India tops the AT Kearney's annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) for the third consecutive year, maintaining its position as the most attractive market for retail investment.

Apart from the above, huge business opportunities in India lie the sectors like, financial services, healthcare and real estate.

In the post reforms period, setting up a business in India, is not a worry at all. The elimination of license raj has been able to cut off bureaucratic red tape to much extent. The liberal regime has shaped up an investor friendly economic climate over the years.

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